Search a powerkit and pedalbox for your car


The optimal performance improvement - More HP for your car

+30% more power (hp and nm)

-15% fuel consumption


Enhanced driving pleasure - Better acceleration for your car

10% better acceleration

Faster and sportier drive

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Tuning & chiptuning

From many years of expertise in the tuning world, Heinz Performance now launches 2 of their own products: the Powerkit and the PedalBox. The Powerkit is an expansion device that is mounted in your car and provides more power, higher torque and lower consumption while you can enjoy optimum driving pleasure and flexibility. In addition, Heinz Performance also developed the PedalBox. This is a throttle tuning system that is connected to achieve a better response at every car with an electronic throttle. This improves your acceleration, allows for a faster and sportier driving style and leads to a more dynamic throttle response. Both products are available on the webshop.  

Powerkit & PedalBox

At Heinz, we handle your car with the necessary knowledge and attention to detail. Tuning and chiptuning is our specialty, in which our goal is to increase your driving pleasure. Every car is unique and from this point of view, our team is will make sure your car is completely on point, taking into account your needs and wishes. Choose your car, model and motor and find the Powerkit and PedalBox that is suitable for your car. Moreover, you can install your device in one of the Heinz Performance locations of choice, if this is indicated in the order. 

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Looking for a better performance of your car, where extra power and a smooth driving style come first? Come and visit our Heinz Performance sites in Aalst and Hasselt, and we ensure a complete optimization of your car.

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