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Is your Mercedes your true love? To provide it with more power and more torque, you can chose our Powerkit. This product is a multi-channel tuning module. The tuningbox works with the ECU of your car, not against it. This distinguishes us from the rest. Our kit works like a little extra computer with your car. Not like an ordinary one-channel tuningbox that misleads your ECU. It definitely is the best option for your engine. At Heinz Performance, we can tune your Mercedes or you can do it yourself. An extra advantage of the Powerkit is the fact that it’s easy to disconnect. Your car will directly switch back to his own computer. We’ve been doing this for 25 years already, a huge experience in the field of software development and tuning. We developed it on a 4X4 engine dyno to reach reality by 95%. You want to give your A-class, B-class, S-Class or even a Maybach a nice extra, we can increase your driving pleasure with our Powerkit. All performances (horsepower and torque) will rise immediately, even while reducing the fuel consumption due to our high tech chiptuning multichannel module. In short, your performances and engine will benefit from our Powerkit. More power, more torque and a lower fuel consumption: that’s the result of an Mercedes chiptuning. The external module, the Powerkit, ensures a more powerful car. Developed on the racetrack for your daily use on the road.


The optimal performance improvement - More HP for your car

  • More performance vermogen (hp en nm)
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Faster acceleration
  • Multi-map tuning technology
  • Automatic adjustment to driving behaviour
  • Extra safety and protection


Enhanced driving pleasure - Better acceleration for your car

  • Better acceleration
  • Faster and sportier drive
  • More dynamic throttle response
  • More than 20 settings available
  • Easy installation
quality control

Quality control

compatible with many vehicles

Compatible with many vehicles

technical support

Technical support

hardware and software development

Hard- and software development

easy montage

Easy montage

5 years warranty

5 years warranty

ABOUT US is the place to be for every car and tuning lover to buy powerkits and pedalboxes. On top of that, you can also count on us for the installation and power tests.