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You surely love your Porsche. We can increase your driving experience/pleasure even more by installing our Powerkit. This product is a multi-channel module which works with the ECU of your car, not against it! It’s the best, healthiest option for your beautiful car and engine because it will not damage anything at all. Unlike an ordinary one-channel module, our Powerkit is like a little extra computer that cooperates with the ECU. We can install the device in our shop, but you can also do it yourself. We made it easy to install, especially when you follow the instructions in the manual. It’s also very easy to uninstall the product. Just plug the system out of your car and the car will automatically switch back to its own computer. The software in this product was written by us at Heinz Performance on a 4X4 engine dyno. This way, we simulate reality by 95%. You can trust us with your car because of our 25 years of experience in tuning and software development. We would love to give your Porsche a nice extra push. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Cayman, Boxter, Panamera, Macan or Cayenne, our Powerkit will increase power (horsepower & torque) on all of them. It will also reduce fuel consumption thanks to our high tech chiptuning multichannel module. It’s the best option to give your car and engine the power it deserves. In short, all performances will rise. Chiptuning your Porsche gives your car more torque, more power and a lower fuel consumption. Developed on the racetrack by us, for your daily use on the road.


The optimal performance improvement - More HP for your car

  • More performance vermogen (hp en nm)
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Faster acceleration
  • Multi-map tuning technology
  • Automatic adjustment to driving behaviour
  • Extra safety and protection


Enhanced driving pleasure - Better acceleration for your car

  • Better acceleration
  • Faster and sportier drive
  • More dynamic throttle response
  • More than 20 settings available
  • Easy installation
quality control

Quality control

compatible with many vehicles

Compatible with many vehicles

technical support

Technical support

hardware and software development

Hard- and software development

easy montage

Easy montage

5 years warranty

5 years warranty

ABOUT US is the place to be for every car and tuning lover to buy powerkits and pedalboxes. On top of that, you can also count on us for the installation and power tests.