Powerkit technology: more power

The Powerkit is installed in the engine compartment and connected to several important engine sensors. The ECU sends the standard signals to the engine, where the Powerkit receives, interprets, processes, optimizes and thereafter sends these signals to the motor, all in real time. Thanks to the latest tuning technologies, Powerkit is able to tune these signals precisely for an optimal performance in the entire rev range.

Tuning for each sensor: Multi Map technology

Heinz has developed a multi map tuning technology that can optimize five different channels, all in real time. Whether it’s common rail pressure, boost pressure, turbo pressure, inlet manifold pressure of air mass volume, the Powerkit from Heinz is able to arrange all of them. Even the latest generation of technically most demanding engines are easily arranged, all within a multi-dimensional multi map environment.

Compatible with diesel particle filter: Clean power

Another advantage of the multi-map technology is that it is compatible with the pre-defined emission values. Thanks to the Powerkit, the efficiency of the fuel combustion is 100% in the entire rev range, which means that this can be safely used in vehicles with DPF.

Intelligent performance increase on command of the driver: Adaptive sensor system

The Adaptive Sensor System monitors all relevant motor data and delivers more power, after detection of the loading conditions. If the driver wants more power, for example while catching up, the system automatically turns on. If there’s no extra power, the system reduces the ability very gradually. All power changes seamlessly and dynamically change. The best power outputs are based not only on the loading condition of the engine, but also on speed. That’s exactly what the Adaptive tuning technology of Powerkit has to offer, more power with better fuel economy.

Automatic adjustment to driving: Auto Adjust function

This innovation allows Powerkit to learn the unique characteristics of your vehicle. During a short ‘learning’ phase, the memory function of the chip registers the data of the engine injection cycle and optimizes the reloaded characteristics accordingly. Standard vehicle tolerances are taken into account in an optimal tuning – all without complicated interference by the driver.

Extra security and protection of your car: Engine Protect+

With the new Engine Protect+ feature from Powerkit, a whole new range of safety standards is introduced. This function has the important task of constantly monitoring and protecting the signals from the ECU to the engine against overload. The protective functions of the ECU and air/fuel ratios remain intact and within specification, which provides complete peace of mind.

Multi Protocol Technology: A milestone for chiptuning

This newly developed multi-tuning technology in the SNT Powerkit combines both analog and digital ECU technologies. Digital SNT signals are registered and optimized by the SNT Powerkit while simultaneously the important analog signals of the ECU are measured. Our SNT Powerkit is a real milestone in the performance industry.

Please note: Legal Notice

The installation of an additional control unit represents a structural change that can lead to loss of warranty. The represented product is not yet certified with a component type-approval. Warranty claims against the manufacturer or seller may be rejected by an increase of the performance through chiptuning or an additional control unit. We want to provide you detailed information.

Installation possibilities

1. Install it yourself (simple plug-in installation)

Our Powerkit is easy to install yourself. How does it work? Very simple, because we send you a comprehensive illustrated installation guide that guides you step by step through the installation process. And thanks to the easy plug-in system, the job is done in no time. You don’t need any special tools, soldering equipment and suchlike. The systems are programmed in accordance with your specific type of vehicle, further manual adjustments aren’t needed. On our website you can find an example of the Powerkit installation, which gives you a first impression.

2. Have it installed at a Heinz Performance center

You make an appointment and we install the Powerkit for you at a rate of € 49. You can contact us by phone on +32(0)11 24 20 35 or by email at info@powerkit.shop.

3. Have it installed at a Heinz Performance center and measure the performance

Contact us on +32(0)11 24 20 35 or at info@powerkit.shop. After making an appointment, we install the Powerkit for you. In addition, we place your car on our power bank. This will give you a clear picture of the ability of your car in any range. The rate for this is € 99.


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